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Eco-friendly Farmhouse, individual and corporate rest in Dahanu. Fresh air, the beauty and silence of nature gives you, and we will take care of everything else. Come join us with your family, friends or colleagues!

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Where we stay is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts. Hillview Farmhouse is the concept of homestay where you experience a life of real Indian village. A 2 ½ hour short scene drive from Mumbai brings you to a perfect place where you can experience a lifestyle that's true to a real India which is rich in age old traditions, ethnic arts and crafts...Read more

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Tarpa Nights

“Tarpa Nights” at Hillview Farmhouse. Tarpa dance is an extremely popular dance. It is a tribal dance usually performs on moonlight nights. With the musical accompaniment of a wind instrument named Tarpa, the dancers encircle the ‘Tarpakar’ and they dance past mid night. The dance performed by the villagers is a true mirror to their unity and coordination.

Warli Workshop

Warli painting is a popular and famous tribal art which originated from Warli tribe in Maharashtra.Hillview farmhouse arrange Warli workshop to introduce you to this rural art form

Vintage Village Trip

Observe and explore the life of the local people in village. Learn about their culture, traditional, arts and their lifestyle. Walk around the village and enjoy the stunning view.

Barbeque @ beach

Barbeque are the best & ultimate outdoor entertainment. Barbeque on the beautiful and quiet beach, with the sound of the sea and warm sand. We organize barbeque on the beach with a Bonfire, food and music. So, enjoy barbecue at beach with friends and family.

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